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Final Boss
18 February 1978

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The Church of Euthanasia

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*righteous fury*, 80's stuff, art, bad religion, baggy clothes, battlestar galactica, beastie boys, being by myself, big huge freakin' milkshakes, bill & ted, booty dancing, cake and sodomy, cartoon theme songs, cartoons, castlevania, cats, chaos, child-like wonder, classic gaming, coffee, comic books, computers, conspiracy theories, cover songs, crude girls, dairy products, dancing with myself, dark jungle, dirty jokes, dorks, dragonball z, drawing, dreams, eddie izzard, electric blue superman, euphoria, fantasy, flash, fleegle, flying through the air, funny people, getting smarter, ghosts, giant robots, girls with glasses, glitch, graphic novels, guitar solos, happiness, happy hardcore, hating george bush, heroic ideals, hip hop, idm, innate goodness, intelligence, judd winick, justice, karma, kevin smith, labyrinth, laughing, legend, lost, loyalty, lsd, madness, massive attack, mcchris, megalomania, melted cheese, movies, my dog, my family, mysterious universe, nature of reality, negative space, neil gaiman, nerdcore, neverending story, nice people, nin, nintendo, nintendo wii, not being bored, optimus prime, peace & love incorporated, perception, pictures, pirates, pizza, podcasts about science, positiveness, potential, productive conversation, proper characterization, psionics, pudding, random word combinations, reading comics, robert kirkman, robert smith, robots, rock anthems, sandman, sarcasm, scahttah, sci-fi, scrubs, sequential art, south park, southwestern food, spare change, street fighter, stupid jokes, super wal mart, superheroes, surrealism, suspending belief, taco bell, techno remixes, teenagemutantninjaturtles, the crow, the cure, the intertron, the maxx, the outsiders, the paranormal, the walking dead, they might be giants, toys, transformers, ufology, velcro, video games, vigilante justice, violent femmes, waking up early, watching cartoons, weird al, x-men, xbox 360, zombies